Parkray Consert 7

If you’re looking for a stove that’s kind to the environment – as well as being kind to you – it has to be a Consort. The Consort 7, like other models in the range, has timeless appeal. But beneath those old-style looks lies a truly modern stove. The days of smoke-puffing chimneys and sooty windows are past: with the Consort 7, you can enjoy a good old wood fire without the harmful emissions or the elbow grease.

For more details of specification and options, please call our showroom on 0208 523 2233.

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To reduce emissions, an air jet ignites the gases which are released during combustion, so they burn away cleanly. A recouper inside the stove directs the heat so it stays inside the stove for longer, being directed outwards rather than upwards. An internal ‘airwash’ then creates jets of air between the fire and the glass door, so that carbon deposits can’t reach the glass.
Your stove stays cleaner, the environment stays healthier and your home stays warmer!